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Balmi™ Deal Of The Week

Balmi™ Deal Of The Week

Cleaning Your Home Has Never Been That Easy

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Balmi Mini MOp

Effortless Cleaning

🌟Quick & Easy Cleaning

💦Absorbs Liquids & Dust

⏳ Guaranteed Time-Saver

✅Portable & Easy To Store

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balmi gap duster

Keep Your Home Dust-FREE

✅ Reaches Every Area

💯 Catches 100% Of The Dust

💪 Flexible & Expandable

💎 Guaranteed Time & Effort Saver

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balmi silicone broom

The #1 Floor Cleaning Tool

🌟Makes Cleaning Quick & Easy

💯Wipes Out Everything Instantly

✅Expandable & Rotates 180°

💧Durable & Easy To Clean

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the Balmi Mini Mop?


Is the sponge of the Balmi Mini Mop durable?

The cotton sponge is durable and has a strong absorption ability for liquids and dust. It is applicable on any surface and doesn’t cause any damage.

How long is the Balmi Gap Duster when fully expanded?


Can I remove the microfiber cloth of the Balmi Gap Duster?

Yes, you can easily remove it, wash it, and put it back again.

Can I use the Balmi Silicone Broom on all types of floors?

Yes, our silicon floor wiper is designed to be safe and effective on various surfaces including tile, hardwood, laminate, and concrete floors.

Is the Balmi Silicone Broom retractable?

Our siliconbroom is retractable to the height you need and 180 degrees rotatable to clean under sofas or other tight areas. You can also use the head alone to clean windows.